How to delete a Facebook business page

Reasons for wanting a Facebook business page remove are varied — rebranding, a move to a new page, or shutting down the business in question. Note that the process is slightly different depending on whether or not you're using the Business Manager:

Disconnecting a Facebook business page from Business Manager  

  1. Log into your Business Manager account, and go to the Business Settings in the top right corner;
  2. Afterwards, navigate to the Accounts tab on the left. Once there, find Pages option;
  3. Choose a page you'd like to remove, then select it. This will display the page's details;
  4. Above the page's details, you should see an option to remove said page from Business Manager.

Note that this simply disconnects the page from a Business Manager account. If you'd like to fully delete it afterwards, you'll need to follow the instructions provided further.

Deleting a Facebook business page

  1. Check whether you have admin rights for the page you'd like to remove. In case you don't have them, you will not be able to delete the page;
  2. Go to page's Settings, found in the top right corner. This will land you onto the General tab;
  3. On the General tab, scroll down until you find the Remove Page option. Click it.

Afterwards, your page will be removed and all content it had will become inaccessible. Should you think better of it, the business page will remain recoverable for 14 more days.