Roles and permissions

There are 4 roles team members may have in Awario, each with its own set of permissions.

Owners are the holders of the account. As soon as you sign up for Awario, you create an account and become its Owner. You can only be an Owner of one Awario account.

Admins have full control over your Awario account, just like Owners. They have full access to all projects, alerts, reports, settings, billing, subscription and can manage them.

Users have full access to selected projects. They can manage alerts, settings, and reports.

Guests have view-only access to selected projects. They can view the mention feeds for the project’s alerts, star mentions, mark them as done, interact with them, and download reports.

Function Owner Admin User Guest
Managing plans (upgrade/renew) + + - -
Managing team members (adding/editing/deleting) + + - -
Managing projects (creating/deleting/renaming) + + - -
Managing white-label reports (editing) + + + -
Managing project notifications (creating/deleting/editing) + + + -
Managing alerts (creating/deleting/editing) + + + -
Managing whitelist/blacklist (adding/deleting) + + + -
Managing results (marking as done, staring, interactions) + + + +