Insta stories

Instagram Stories is a feature on the popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. This feature has become a popular way for businesses to connect with their followers and share content in a more personal and authentic way. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Instagram Stories for marketing and how Awario can track Instagram mentions.

Benefits of Instagram stories for marketing

Instagram Stories offers several benefits for businesses looking to market their products or services. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Increased reach: Instagram Stories appears at the top of a user's feed, making it more likely to be seen. This can help increase the reach of your content and make it more visible to your followers.

  2. Increased engagement: Instagram Stories allows businesses to share more personal and authentic content, which can lead to increased engagement from followers. This can be especially effective for driving sales and building brand loyalty.

  3. Increased traffic: Instagram Stories allows businesses to include links in their stories, which can drive traffic to their website or landing pages. This can be an effective way to generate leads and drive sales.

  4. Increased brand awareness: Instagram Stories allows businesses to share behind-the-scenes content and give followers a glimpse into their brand. This can help increase brand awareness and build a more personal connection with followers.

How Awario can track Instagram mentions

Awario is a social media monitoring and analytics tool that can track Instagram mentions for businesses. By using Awario, businesses can track and analyze their brand mentions on Instagram and identify opportunities for growth.

Although Awario doesn't track stories, its platform allows businesses to track their Instagram mentions in real-time and respond to customer inquiries and complaints quickly. It also allows businesses to identify key influencers in their industry and engage with them to increase brand awareness.


Instagram Stories is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses increase their reach, engagement, traffic, and brand awareness. By using Instagram Stories and tracking their Instagram mentions with a tool like Awario, businesses can effectively market their products or services on the platform and connect with their followers.