Create a mention alert

A mention alert let’s say is a treasure house for your related keywords and search preferences, along with the mentions your search returns. In other words, a mention alert contains your search query (it can be either a single keyword or a rrrreally complex Boolean expression) as well as the results Awario finds that match the query. It is designed to store and display the mentions found under a given search query, its statistics and interactions. Each mention alert can contain multiple keywords, so you could create more precise queries and receive more relevant results.

How to start?

First of all we need to cast a spell or just click on a button (you decide) on the left menu bar :)

In case you’d preferred to rule the destiny on your own and created an empty project, the button will be also available in the center of the preview screen.

And at last in Project settings.


Configure a mention alert

In the simple search form you enter the keyword you’d like to get mentions of and hit GO.

The mention alert will be named in honor of the first keyword. But you can rename it at any time later.

For glorious victories and more relevant results use extra settings by clicking on More options:

Now we can set additional parameters and make our search query more specific:

Website or web page - find mentions of links. Mentions from these domains will not be added to your alert.

Negative Keywords - results containing any of the specified negative keywords next to your main keywords won't be added to your alert.

Languages - select the language(s) you'd like to find mentions in.

Countries - choose your preferred country or countries here, if you are interested in mentions coming from a specific location.

Sources - select your preferred sources here, if you're interested in mentions coming from a specific source, e.g. news and blog  articles, Facebook posts, etc.

Date range - you will only see mentions from the specified time frame in your alert. The Custom option lets you select from which date you'd like to start collecting mentions.

There are also the Whitelist and Blacklist options in alert settings, which let you prioritize or ignore certain accounts or websites respectively.

Switch to Boolean search

Boolean search enables users to create more specific queries for more accurate results and better reporting. Click on Switch to Boolean search in the very bottom of the screen to convert your query to Boolean.

More information about Boolean search and the case studies you can find here.