See Instagram without account

It is possible to access some of Instagram content without having to create an account or signing in on the platform. Naturally, the information you can obtain without having an account yourself is limited. Here is how it can be done:

Use direct link to view an Instagram account

If you know the exact name of the account you wish to browse, you can simply type into your browser where username stands for the exact handle of the account you're interested in (minus the @ symbol).

Once you're on the account's page, you'll be able to simply press the X button to close the login notification and access all of the public account information, like number of posts, followers, bio, profile picture, and so on.

To view the account's posts, you'll need to right click the photo/video in question and open it in a new tab to avoid a login prompt.

Use 3rd party tools to view an Instagram account

Another avenue to access Instagram content without having an account would be to use one of many 3rd party tools. These generally give you access to some extra areas locked without an Instagram account. Here are 2 examples:

  • Hubspot — a free Social Inbox for Instagram can easily monitor and engage with your followers, track important metrics, and schedule posts to keep your feed active and engaging. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate through your various accounts and streamline your workflow to see tangible results in your social media efforts.
  • Imginn — a free anonymous browser for public Instagram profiles that supports searching, meaning you don't have to know the exact username. Imginn will be able to provide access to a public account's posts, captions, hashtags, and even comments. However, it provides no account information, such as bio, followers, or like counts;
  • Anon IG viewer — a free tool that will provide access to more general information on a specified public Instagram account, such as bio, follower count, number of posts, and active stories.