BeReal Social

BeReal social is an image-based social media platform that initially launched in 2020. It has gained substantial popularity throughout 2022.

BeReal's unique features

The most unique feature BeReal has are the random 2-minute post windows. Every day at random time, BeReal users are notified that “It’s time to BeReal.” The users have 2 minutes to take and upload an unfiltered photo o whatever it is they're up to at the moment, and share it with their friends. The catch here is that one cannot view their friends' posts without posting themselves as well. With that approach, BeReal aims to go against the general stigma of modern social media content — curated, over-researched, and meticulously tested submissions.

BeReal has a few key differences to the popular social media platforms. In no particular order:

  • No following — traditional social media concepts of "follower" and "following" are non-existent on BeReal. Instead, you simply have friends whose pics you see and who can see your photos as well when it's post time;
  • RealMojis — instead of the now-classic emojis, reacts on BeReal are done by taking a very quick selfie that is then cropped into the common circular shape;
  • Dual camera capture — the photos you take via BeReal have images from both the main and the front camera images put over one another. That way, you post both the pic of your surrounds and a quick selfie;
  • No mindless scrolling — you won't be able to spend hours of your day scrolling BeReal timeline as every BeReal user is able to post only once per day and all previous submissions are removed once a new post is made.
  • No ads — as of writing this article, BeReal is still new and booming with no advertizing or monetization models implemented whatsoever.