Changing your email address

Getting email notifications is a handy way of staying in touch with your social monitoring campaigns. We want to make the process of getting notifications more flexible and that’s why we are going to build a Slack integration for new mentions and the ability to add multiple emails for email notifications.

As for now, you can get email notifications to one email address only. But if you, say, want to swap the email address from personal to business one, or if you want to delegate social listening to one of your teammates, you can change the email address of your account.

First thing on the list is accessing your account settings. To do this, click the user picture in the top right corner of the app and hit the Account settings button:

Then go to the User Profile tab. Here you can edit the name, your email, and the password.

To change the email address, enter the new email into the Email field, fill in Current password, and hit the Save button.