How to make a Facebook business page

A Facebook business page is a specialized kind of account used by businesses, organizations, and public figures to represent themselves on the platform. 

Facebook business pages are generally used to share contact information, promote content, post various updates, and so on. Their most important function, however, is to connect the business to its Facebook audience.

How to create a Facebook business page

  1. Log onto Facebook — once you're logged into your personal page, you can click the following link to start the setup for your future business page — start the setup;
  2. Fill out the baseline information — this would be your page's name, selecting categories that best describe your business and a short introduction;
  3. Voila! You can now click create a page to finalize the initial setup. Remember that it is always possible to go back and make adjustments to any of the entries

Facebook business page best practices

Creating a fresh business page is simple enough, however there are a few things you should consider doing as soon as possible to peak your page's efficacy:

  • Add images and other media — adding a profile image and a cover photo to your page helps people memorize who you are, which is a first step in building brand recognition. Your company's logo, a shot of your team, a view of your store or product are all great options;
  • Create a vanity name for your page — after creating your page it's a good idea to settle on a username as fast as possible. Doing allows your audience to tag you instead of typing out the name manually, meaning more brand awareness and recognition. To choose a username, find the Username option in the Settings & privacy menu of your page.
  • Add more details about your business — this would include your working hours, location, phone number, website link, and so on. People often opt to use Facebook pages to see the complete information on a business they're interested in, so it's best to fill out all the applicable fields right away;
  • Add an action button — this will allow you to choose what call-to-action visitors of your page will see. The options range from a simple Follow to Send a WhatsApp message to even Get Quote. To set it up, find the Set Your Page Up for Success option on your page, navigate to Provide Info and Preferences part, and you'll finally arrive at the Add an action button option. Choosing the right action button will encourage your page's visitors to learn more of your business, and can make a great entry point for a sales funnel.