FB Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace (or simply FB Marketplace) is a dedicated section of Facebook where users can advertise belongings they'd like to sell or trade, and browse for items to buy. Facebook Marketplace does not facilitate user transactions in any way, so it is more akin to a counter in a local garage sale.

The benefits of FB Marketplace

Using Facebook Marketplace has its perks. Here are some of them:

  • Simple buying and selling — all you have to do to put an item you don't need up for sale is to snap a few good pictures, write a sweet and concise description, put your location up, name your price, and publish the listing. Similarly, all you need to do to find an item you might want to buy is use search filters to narrow down the item type, geography, and price range. The rest of the process is figured out between the buyer and seller on their own;
  • No listing fees — unlike many similar platforms, Facebook Marketplace requires no fees to publish your listing. Simply make sure you're not violating Facebook's guidelines in the process, and it'll be smooth sailing;
  • You're in control — Facebook Marketplace is but an online counter for items. The financial and shipping sides are entirely within your control — set item price, decide way of shipping, settle on shipping charges, or even barter. That is an option;
  • Deal quick and hassle-free — after you've sold an item, you're not obliged to provide product support or really care for the buyer in any way. It might still be a good idea to do it if you plan on selling more in the future, however.

Tips for FB Marketplace

A few things to note if you're planning on giving Facebook Marketplace a try:

  • Not everything can be listed on the marketplace — ensure that you're not trying to peddle prohibited items by looking over Facebook's E-commerce policy page. In general, keep in mind that you can only deal in physical, tangible wares. No get-rich-quick schemes are going to fly by Facebook's radar;
  • Put effort into your listing — multiple quality photos of your item with good lighting and different angles as well as an eloquent description are sure to put a spotlight on your listing, making it sell that much faster;
  • Leave some room for bargaining — while there's nothing wrong with my way or the highway approach when you're selling your goods, allowing people to haggle the price will lead to a quicker sale and leave a more favorable impression of you. If you plan on selling more later, this will play into your hands;