What is the Share of Voice?

Share of Voice (SOV) is a marketing metric that measures the proportion of total advertising spending a brand has compared to its competitors. It helps companies understand their brand awareness and reach compared to their competitors, and provides insights into their marketing strategy and effectiveness.

Why is Share of Voice Important:

  • Brand Awareness: By understanding their share of voice, companies can measure their brand awareness and reach compared to their competitors.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: SOV helps companies understand the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, including media mix and advertising spend.
  • Competitor Analysis: SOV provides insights into the marketing strategies of competitors, allowing companies to adjust their own strategies accordingly.

Calculating Share of Voice

SOV can be calculated by dividing a brand's advertising spend by the total advertising spend of its competitors. This provides a percentage that represents the brand's share of total advertising spend.

Factors Affecting Share of Voice:

  • Advertising Spend: The more a brand spends on advertising, the higher its SOV will be.
  • Competitor Advertising Spend: The advertising spend of a brand's competitors will impact its SOV.
  • Media Mix: The mix of media channels used by a brand will impact its SOV, as some channels may reach more customers than others.

Using Share of Voice to Improve Marketing Strategy

By understanding their SOV, companies can adjust their marketing strategies to improve their brand awareness and reach. This can include:

  • Increasing Advertising Spend: By increasing advertising spend, companies can increase their SOV and improve their brand reach.
  • Adjusting Media Mix: By adjusting their media mix, companies can reach more customers and improve their brand awareness.
  • Competitor Analysis: By analyzing the SOV of their competitors, companies can identify areas where they are underperforming and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Challenges of Share of Voice:

  • Measuring Advertising Spend: Measuring advertising spend accurately can be challenging, and it is important to have access to reliable data to calculate SOV.
  • Brand Awareness vs. Reach: SOV measures brand awareness and reach, but does not provide insights into other aspects of marketing performance, such as customer engagement and conversion rates.


Share of Voice is a valuable marketing metric that helps companies understand their brand awareness and reach compared to their competitors. By adjusting their marketing strategies based on their SOV, companies can improve their brand reach and awareness and remain competitive in their market. However, accurately measuring advertising spend and considering the limitations of SOV are important considerations for companies looking to use this metric effectively.