How to link Instagram and Facebook business pages

Why is linking Instagram and Facebook business pages important?

Linking your Instagram and Facebook business pages will enable simultaneous scheduling of content on both pages, easy comparisons of metrics between the pages, and managing messages for both platforms in one place.

Some of the additional benefits include access to selling on Instagram, quick linking of your business information across the 2 pages, and allowing use of social listening tools like Awario to monitor posts across both platforms.

How to link Instagram and Facebook business pages

The business pages can be interlinked through both Facebook and Instagram. Before attempting it, however, please check the following requirements:

  • Your Instagram account is set up as a business page;
  • You're an admin of the Facebook page you'd like to connect;
  • You're logged in on both pages, or you have their login credentials readily available.

After you've confirmed the requirements are fulfilled, follow these steps if you intend to link the pages via Facebook:

  1. Head to your Facebook business page by switching to it from the top-right side menu:
  2. Find the Professional dashboard option on the left side menu and click it;
  3. There, find the Linked accounts option. Click the Connect account button;
  4. Provide the login credential to your Instagram business page, and press Log in. Et voila!

In case you'd like to interlink the pages through the Instagram app:

  1. Head to your Instagram business page, and click the Edit profile button;
  2. In Profile information section, find the Page prompt and tap on it;
  3. You will receive a pop up to either connect or create a Facebook page;
  4. Follow the prompts and voila!