Instagram Business Manager

Instagram Business Manager, more commonly known as Meta Business Manager, is an official set of tools designed for managing various businesses' assets on both Instagram and Facebook. Some of it's features include creating, publishing, and monitoring your ads, setting up and managing ecommerce features, accessing advanced analytics, as well as managing inboxes of multiple Facebook and Instagram business pages.

Why use Meta Business Manager?

Meta Business Manager is a perfect tool to coordinate all of your marketing and advertising efforts on both Facebook and Instagram. Here are some of the major features to take advantage of:

  • Manage multiple Facebook & Instagram business pages in one place — easily connect your Facebook & Instagram business pages to one Business Manager account, which will allow you to manage scheduling, posting, and DM inboxes for all of them without having to manually relog every time. This includes accessing your clients' pages if you're an agency;
  • Powerful reporting & analytics — gain easy access to advanced stats, such as engagement metrics for both organic and paid posts, demographic and geographic summaries of users interacting with your business pages, your overall ad spend, how your pages perform in terms of trends and reach, and much more;
  • Create and manage effective ad campaigns — leverage extensive Meta's user information to target a highly-specific audience with your ad campaigns. You'll be able to adjust key metrics, such as expected spend, estimated daily reach, estimated number of clicks, etc whenever required;
  • Access Meta Pixel — a data-gathering tool to see how the people interact with your business both on and off Facebook or Instagram. This data can then be used to fine-tune your ads and retarget potential customers.

Meta Business Manager best practices

Meta Business Manager is a highly-valuable tool in the social media landscape. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind as you use it:

  • Set two-factor authentication — the Business Manager is a must-have level tool that will generally be accessed by many different employees, sometimes even from outside of your company. As such, setting up two-factor authentication is paramount to avoid any security risks;
  • Check out Integrations — Meta Business Manager can be integrated with many other platforms your brand might use, like Zapier. Therefore, it's a good idea to study how you can interconnect the tools you use for greater efficacy;
  • Make use of Brand Safety feature — this allows you greater control over where your ads should be shown. There, you can create a list of websites, Facebook, Instagram pages that shouldn't be showing your ads, and as such won't be associated with your brand's image;
  • Regularly review your set up — social media realm is constantly evolving, meaning there are a lot of algorithmic updates to Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. To ensure your pages and ad campaigns stay on top of these, make it a habit to review your Meta Business Manager setup, ads setup, and anything else whenever you hear of any platform changes.