Create a project

Once you sign up with Awario, you'll be prompted to create a project. The creation menu will feature 3 distinct fields:

  • Brand name — in this field, you'll need to add the name, social media handle, website link, or other words related to the brand you intend to monitor. Filling this field out will create a Mention alert;
  • Product description — here, you can add a couple of short phrases that best describe the product/service you want to find leads for (e.g. social listening tool, social monitoring tool, etc). Filling this field out will create a Leads alert;
  • Competitors — here, you can add the names of your competitors, if any. This setting goes into the Leads alert alongside the Product description.

After you click the Create project button, your alerts will start collecting data according to the parameters set. The settings can be reviewed and changed at any time by clicking on the gear icon in the left-side panel: