Create a project

When you start using Awario, the first thing you see is the page with creating a project. You should complete 3 fields here: Brand name, Product description, and Competitors. Note that at least one of the fields within the form must be filled out before you can submit the form.

Brand name

This field requires the name of your brand or product. You can add multiple keywords to this field, but don't forget to use Enter as a delimiter.

Awario will create a mention alert using the keywords you specify here. The mention alert, as well as the project, will be named in honor of the first keyword. But you can rename them at any time later.

Product description

The second field is meant to help you find sales opportunities for your project. In Product description, you need to add two- to three-word descriptions of what your product is or does. You should specify here the keywords which your potential clients would really use. The more descriptive phrases you add, the better results you'll get. Including the keywords in both singular and plural forms will help the app cover more results. 


Add here the brand names of your main competitors to monitor their social activities and build the right strategy. Awario will create a separate mention alert for each of your competitor’s brand or product. Competitors are also very useful for lead generation. They help you to find your competitors' detractors. These are the people who complain about competitors’ products. 

Empty project

To create custom monitoring alerts, you'll need to create an empty project by click the button in the bottom of the screen.