How to pin a comment on Instagram?

Depending on the type of account, pinning a comment can generate more authority on the platform. If you are a content creator, for example, it is worth highlighting positive comments about your post.

Business accounts can do the same. If possible, prioritize messages that say how your content, product or service has helped that user. You can also use the feature to answer common questions from your followers. This will gradually increase the trust users have in your profile.

On each post, you can pin up to three comments. Please be aware that when you do this, all users receive a notification. In fact, if you share a preview of a Reels in Feed, you can pin comments to any of the pages. They will be fixed even in the preview of the video. Pinning comments on Instagram is slightly different from Android and iOS phones so check the instructions below.

To pin comments on Instagram:

  1. Go to the app (since the option does not exist in the web version).
  2. Enter a post.
  3. On iPhones, swipe one of the comments to the left. If you have an Android, tap on it. With this action, three buttons will appear next to the message.
  4. Click the pin icon to highlight it. Then the comment will move up to the top of the section.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to use the tool on your own messages;

To unpin a comment on the social network, follow the same steps. Tap the icon and then confirm the decision.