The Whitelist

When Awario searches for mentions in social media or the Web, it scans pages in a certain order. If there are pages that you want to scan prior to others, there’s the Whitelist feature for that. You may want to do this if you know that certain pages often have updates including your keywords, if you are analyzing your competitors and want to track their social profiles first, etc.

Note that the Whitelist currently works with Facebook and Instagram business pages only.


After you defined the set of pages which should be scanned first, open the alert settings by clicking the gear button next to the alert’s name.

In the alert settings, hit the Whitelist button.

Type the name of the page you want to add and hit the Add button.

If you want to search for mentions of your keywords only in the specific accounts and websites you have added to the Whitelist, you can turn on the Strict mode.

Click on Apply, so the changes can be saved and applied to your topic settings.

Then, you should restrict the sources to the platforms related to the accounts added to the Whitelist. For example, if you want to monitor only the accounts from Facebook, restrict the sources to Facebook.