How to advertise on YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with over two billion users and billions of views every day. It is an excellent platform for businesses to advertise their products and services and reach a wide audience. In this article, we will discuss the different ways to advertise on YouTube and how to effectively create and run a YouTube advertising campaign.

YouTube Ads Formats

There are several types of ads that businesses can run on YouTube, including:

  • Skippable in-stream ads: These are the most common type of YouTube ads and appear before, during, or after a video. The viewer has the option to skip the ad after five seconds.

  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: These ads must be watched before the viewer can access the content. They can be up to 15 seconds long.

  • Discovery ads: These ads appear in the search results or on the YouTube homepage as a banner or thumbnail image. They can be targeted to specific keywords or channels.

  • Bumper ads: These are short, non-skippable ads that are six seconds or less and are often used to build brand awareness.

Targeting Your Audience

One of the benefits of advertising on YouTube is the ability to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. Businesses can use the following targeting options:

  • Demographics: Target by age, gender, parental status, and household income.

  • Interests: Target based on the viewer's interests, such as music, sports, or cooking.

  • Remarketing: Target viewers who have previously engaged with the business's website or YouTube channel.

  • Keywords: Target viewers who are searching for specific keywords or phrases.

Setting Your Budget

YouTube advertising operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, which means businesses only pay when a viewer clicks on the ad. The cost per click can vary depending on the competition and the targeting options. Businesses can set a daily or lifetime budget and choose between a cost-per-click or cost-per-view pricing model.

Measuring Success

To determine the success of a YouTube advertising campaign, businesses can track several metrics, including:

  • Impressions: The number of times the ad was displayed.

  • Viewership: The number of people who watched the ad.

  • Engagement: The number of likes, comments, and shares the ad received.

  • Conversion: The number of people who took a desired action, such as visiting the website or making a purchase.

Monitoring Mentions on YouTube

It is essential for businesses to monitor their brand mentions on YouTube, as it can provide valuable insights into customer sentiment and help identify any potential issues. One tool that can help businesses monitor their brand mentions on YouTube is Awario. Awario is a social media monitoring tool that tracks mentions across the web, including YouTube, and provides alerts when there is a new mention.


Advertising on YouTube can be a cost-effective way for businesses to reach a wide audience and promote their products and services. By using the various ad formats, targeting options, and measurement tools, businesses can create and run successful YouTube advertising campaigns. Monitoring brand mentions on YouTube can also help businesses stay on top of customer sentiment and identify any potential issues.