Customizable reports

In some cases, you'll want to fine-tune your reports. After much user feedback, we've allowed users to add their own widgets and organize them in any which way they'd like. Whether it's to impress a high-flying client or just to add a little eye candy, Awario has you covered.

We've added widgets for each metric so that all your data can be easily visualized ("# cups of coffee drunk" is on our roadmap, stay tuned). With our new customizable reports feature, you can do the following:

Add new widgets to your report. To do that, just hit the + at the bottom of the reports page.

Select any or all widgets that you'd like to see on your report, and click Done.

Organize the widgets in your report. Just grab the widget and drag it to wherever you'd like.

Delete any widgets from the report. Hit the Trash button on the right side of the widget.

You can find out more about the widgets, by having a look at our Report Overview guide.