Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch is an 3rd party Facebook client designed specifically for touchscreen mobile devices and developed by H5 Apps. Despite it not being present on platforms like the App Store or Google Play, the installation file can be easily found online and is safe to use. 

Why use Facebook Touch?

If mobile devices are your main avenue of using Facebook and you never quite liked the official mobile client, it is a great idea to give Facebook Touch a chance. Being a 3rd party client unshackled by Meta's corporate mire, Facebook Touch delivers a different experience to mobile users that might cater to your specific needs better.

However, Facebook Touch comes with one significant drawback — as a fairly dated browser-based client, it falls short on modern security standards by not utilizing SSL encryption. It is still generally safe to use, yet this is something to keep in mind.

The benefits of Facebook Touch

The major advantages Facebook Touch has over it's official mobile counterpart are these:

  • Superior network usage — as the client was made for mobile devices specifically, it's optimized to both use less of your data and put less strain on your network connection;
  • Higher resolution media — Facebook Touch does not compress photos, images, videos, and even graphical interface elements as much as the official app, resulting in crisper visuals all around;
  • Comparable settings — Facebook Touch has all the major parts of the official app, so you're not missing out in case you decide to switch;
  • Requires less memory to run — as a browser-based client, Facebook Touch allows you to conserve more device space and RAM for your other needs. Simply put, it runs faster on less fuel.