Sam O'Nella

Sam O'Nella Information
Category Education, comedy
Sam O'Nella net worth $1.6M
Sam O'Nella birth date March 19, 1998
Sam O'Nella gender Male
Sam O'Nella nationality American
Sam O'Nella location Delaware, US
Sam O'Nella height 6’3” inch (190.5 cm)

About Sam O'Nella

Sam O'Nella, or Sam Miller in real life, is a popular educational and comedic YouTuber. All of his videos are structured to present the topic of choice with a comedic flair and humorous conclusions while using simplistic illustrations (primarily stick man style) in place of live footage. As of 2022, Sam O'Nella took 2 breaks from releasing any content — the first one in 2019, broken by his releasing a video in January of 2020, which was followed by his vanishing again until October of 2022.

Sam O'Nella biography

Sam Miller was born on March 19, 1998, in Delaware, US. Not much is really known about his family or personal life.

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