LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a B2B sales management platform designed to allow sales teams to easily utilize the extensive LinkedIn data in their work. As a part of the LinkedIn service offering, it greatly simplifies the processes of targeting, tracking, connecting, and engaging with potential B2B leads.

The benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The platform features an expansive list of features spread out across multiple facets of sales work. Below are some key areas of interest:

  • Advanced searching tools — powerful search filters allow to easily narrow down the list of decision-makers and businesses that could be interested in your product. Some examples include filtering by industry, geographic location, company type (e.g. non-profits) and size, job title, experience, and education. Extensive filtering saves your team a lot of time and effort;
  • Track lead activity — as long as your potential lead frequents LinkedIn, you'll know of company updates, position reshuffles, new hires, job changes, what they post, and so on; 
  • Outreach and messaging features — using Sales Navigator allows you easy access to profiles that are out of your direct network, including messaging them outright. This significantly cuts time required to reach and engage a fresh lead;
  • Automatic lead recommendations — Sales Navigator will suggest potentially relevant leads you could've missed based on your prior searches and profile views;
  • CRM integration — Sales Navigator can be easily integrated with some of the more popular CRM solutions, like SalesForce or HubSpot, via data import;

LinkedIn Sales Navigator best practices

The reality of B2B sales work is such that it's not feasible to keep up without the technology like Sales Navigator. Effectively using it, however, is a task in itself, so here are some tips to give you a leg up:

  • Save your prospects — saving your leads in a list will allow you to easily monitor their LinkedIn activity (for decision-makers and companies as a whole), helping you identify the perfect moment to reach out with an offer. The great part about this is that there's no need for you to have a direct connection with the prospect at all;
  • Save your search preferences — like leads, you can save your search filter settings in a preset. Doing that will allow you to load it back in a matter of seconds, and allow you to receive updates whenever new leads matching your criteria have entered the scene;
  • Don't neglect recommendations — whenever you're looking at a potential lead, make sure to click on the View similar button to see other potential leads with similar positions in other companies. These can serve as excellent additions to your pipeline;
  • Review shared experiences — the Shares experiences with you filter will allow you to see leads that have something in common with you (in professional sense). Naturally, this will give you an easier path in and allow to start building a relationship way faster;
  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile — one of the perks Sales Navigator bequeaths to you is a larger profile and background pictures, as well as higher search rankings. Using these perks to their full extent will help you make the right kind of impression on any potential buyers, regardless of which party reached out first;