Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World is an annual social media marketing conference held in the USA's San Diego, California. It is generally held in March of every year.

Social Media Marketing World is a highly popular event in the overall SMM niche, featuring panels, lectures, and workshops hosted by various marketing experts and influencers as well as ample networking opportunities. Both in-person and online admission to the conference come at a fee.

Social Media Marketing World primary focus

Social media marketing is a very broad topic, therefore the conference focuses on the following 4 areas first:

  1. Social strategy — general approach to social media marketing, high-level overview of latest trends and developments;
  2. Organic social media marketing — how to drive more engagement and, therefore, sales, organically on most major social media platforms;
  3. Paid social media marketing — how to properly operate the paid acquisition channels (i.e. social media ads) to maximize your marketing potential;
  4. Content marketing — how to successfully utilize content your team produces (e.g. blogposts, articles, publishings) in growing and nurturing your user base.