How to change background color on Instagram story?

If you'd like to customize the background on your next Instagram Story, there are 2 main methods to go about that. Simply choose the one you prefer and follow the steps.

Change background color on Instagram story to a solid color

  1. Choose an image you'd like to be the basis of your Story, or go with a repost of the previous Story;
  2. In the top right corner, tap on the three-dots button. Select Draw in the little pop-up menu;
  3. You will see two sets of toolbars at the top and the bottom of your image — one for drawing (top), one for color selection (bottom);
  4. Pick the left-most option in top toolbar (looks like a pencil tip), and choose your color — you can use the color-picker tool via the left-most option in the bottom toolbar;
  5. Hold your finger on the screen for a few moments. The image will fill with the solid color you chose;
  6. Optionally, you can pick the Eraser (right-most option in the top toolbar) to remove the color fill from anywhere on the Story.

You can also do a semi-transparent fill by choosing the third option in the top toolbar instead — it looks like a color marker's tip.

Change background color on Instagram story via the Create tool

Note that using the Create tool will not allow you to include photos or videos, as it is intended for posting questions, polls, timers, etc. The Create tool, however, has a built-in background color selector.

  1. Open Instagram, then swap to the right to open your camera;
  2. There, find the Create button on the left-hand side. Tap it;
  3. You will land on a template selector page. Find a little circle in the bottom right corner;
  4. Tap on the little circle to cycle through available background colors.

It is also possible to use the Draw tool in exactly the same manner as described in the first section.