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Category Children
Kids Diana Show net worth $448M
Kids Diana Show birth date March 31, 2014
Kids Diana Show gender Female
Kids Diana Show nationality Ukrainian
Kids Diana Show location Miami, Florida, US
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About Kids Diana Show

Kids Diana Show is a brand created and maintained by the Kidisyuk family — the main star Diana, co-star Roma, and their parents Olena and Volodymyr. Together, they produce a variety of video content aimed for children — infotainment, vlogs, unboxings, roleplays, and songs.

Over the years, the Kids Diana Show brand has grown to encompass 13 YouTube channels in multitude of languages, fairly large accounts in other social media (TikTok, Instagram), all the while their main YouTube channel became 6th most viewed and 6th most subscribed in the world.

Kids Diana Show biography

Eva Diana Kidisyuk was born on March 31, March 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine, while her older brother Roma was born on October 22, 2012.

The whole video venture began back in 2012, when Olena and Volodymyr took up a hobby of shooting videos of Roma's daily life. Diana made her first video appearance in 2015, which is also when the parents decided to launch their first YouTube channel to share the videos with friends and family.

The videos they uploaded, however, made waves across the world and their channel grew exponentially, hitting 1M subscribers in just over a year. In 2017, Olena and Volodymyr decided to quit their jobs to dedicate all of their focus to the phenomenon Kids Diana Show YouTube channel has become. Later, they've moved from Ukraine to Miami, Florida to expose their brand to more opportunities.

In May of 2020, Diana's parents signed a deal with Pocket.Watch, a startup children's media company. Together, they developed a franchise called Love, Diana — The Princess Of Play. It is based around Kids Diana Show brand and includes an animated series, a mobile game, and various merchandise

Kids Diana Show YouTube

Subscribers 104M
Average Views 9.1M
Average Likes 19K
Average Comments 0 — comments are disabled on their channel
Engagement Rate 0.34%

Kids Diana Show TikTok
Followers 877.9K
Average Likes 2.51K
Average Views 189.9K
Engagement Rate 1.39%
Media Count 256

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Followers 679K

Kids Diana Show Instagram

Followers 520K
Average Likes 5.2K
Average Comments 128
Engagement Rate 1.01%
Media Count 1270