Starring mentions


Starring is a quick way to prioritize your mentions. To mark the most significant ones, you can use the Star button. As well, you may use this feature if you want to act on starred mentions later and don’t want to lose them in the plethora of other mentions.

To star a mention, open the alert feed, choose which mention to star, and hit the Star button. That’s it! Now your mention is marked and you’ll never miss it:

You can easily find all these mentions in the Starred folder.

Note that even if you mark the starred mention as done, it will stay in the Starred folder. In case you changed your mind and don’t feel like having a mention in the Starred folder anymore, you can click the Unstar button and it will disappear from the folder:

Every alert can store only a certain amount of mentions in the feed. It's 3 000 mentions for the Starter plan, 10 000 for Pro and there are 30 000 mentions per alert for Enterprise users. When you reach mentions per alert limits, Awario replaces the oldest mentions with the new ones. But it's not the case with the starred mentions. They will be there for you for as long as you wish. :)