The Reports section offers detailed statistics on each of your mention alerts. It shows how effective your strategy has been and presents the progress of your work, which you can share with your clients and colleagues. For now, there are three types of reports in Awario: Mention Statistics, Alert Comparison, and Influencers

All reports share several filtering options. 

Alert — choose what alerts you'd like to include.

Source — select mention sources to be displayed in the statistics.

Time Range — set the time range for your social data.

Sharing options — apply the white-label settings to your reports, download them as PDF, or create a public link to the report.

Now let's take a look at each report in more detail.

Mention Statistics

This report shows key analytics for all mentions and has the following widgets: 

Mentions — the total number of mentions, progress compared to the same time range in the past (e.g., compared to the past 30 days, while looking at the most recent 30 days), shares of positive and negative mentions, and mentions history graph.

Reach — the total reach, progress compared to the same time range in the past, and reach history graph.

Countries & Languages — a world map with the number of mentions from each country, along with the top 5 languages used in the mentions.

Sentiment — the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative mentions, progress compared to the same time range in the past, and a graph.

Gender —the classification of authors who mentioned your keywords based on their gender.

Account types —the stats on personal pages vs company accounts that mentioned your keywords.

Topic cloud — most frequently used words, phrases, and hashtags.

Sources by mentions — the number of mentions by platform, progress compared to the same time range in the past, and the share of each source.

Sources by reach — the total reach, progress compared to the same time range in the past, and the share for each source.

Top mentions — the most influential posts based on reach. Clicking on a mention will open a new tab, which allows you to interact with the post or read its full text.

Add new widgets to make it truly custom — experiment with widgets for each metric to visualize all of your social data. Hit the plus sign at the bottom of the reports page to add more widgets.

The customizable widgets feature allows you to choose bar and line graphs on important metrics for each platform. This includes: Most active, i.e. people who mentioned your brand/company most frequently, and Influencers, i.e. mentioners with the highest reach. 

Alert Comparison

This report lets you benchmark mentions analytics from several alerts against each other. 

You can select up to 3 alerts for comparison. You can also include an alert from a different project.

The Alert Comparison report contains all the same widgets as the Mentions Statistics reports but can be used to assess several alerts at the same time.


In the Influencers report, you’ll initially see a list of social media accounts that mentioned your keywords alongside their audience counts. You also have the option of including results from multiple alerts as well as choosing which sources you’d like to see influencers from. Choose from any of the social networks icons to add or remove results coming from specific sources.

Lastly, you can sort influencers either by their audience or the number of mentions of your keywords.

The Influencers report contains the list of authors, their audience, the number of mentions coming from them, and sentiment statistics.